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Harold B. Chase

    (ca 1889- ?)


   Harold B. Chase, growing up in Mount Vernon, Ohio in the early days of automobiles, made these mechanical wonders his life-long interest. Harold was born about 1889. His father, a lawyer, owned the Hiawatha amusement park, where early cars were always a drawing card at week-end events. In 1900 the Chase family moved to Washington, D.C. Harold was educated at the University of Pennsylvania and Georgetown University.

   Mr. Chase married a Mount Vernon girl, and though they spent their life mostly in New England, they returned many summers to Mount Vernon to spend time with Harold's grandparents. During his life, he was an attorney, a business executive, a stockbreeder, and an automobile distributor.

   Harold enjoyed reading and reviewing books. His literary contribution of interest was his book, Auto-biography/ Recollections of a Pioneer Motorist/ 1896-1911.

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