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Lucretia Isobel Davidson

               (1869 - ? )

   Lucretia Davidson was an important national leader in elementary education. She was born in 1869 near Mount Vernon, the daughter of John W. and Elizabeth E. (Underwood) Davidson. While still a young girl she moved with her parents to La Porte, Indiana. She graduated from Columbia University in 1907, and spent most of her life in the teaching profession in the eastern states, though for a few years she served as State Supervisor of Elementary Schools in Wisconsin. She retired from teaching about 1930 and moved to Florida.

   During her years of teaching and educational supervision, Davidson was recognized as a leader in writing textbooks in elementary reading. She authored or co-authored many such texts in the Lincoln Readers series, published by the Laurel Book Company.

   Ms. Davidson was still living in 1937, but her date of death is not known at present.



Lincoln Readers (various grade levels), published in many editions through the 1920's

The Busy Brownies at Work (1913) (Aldine Supplementary Reader)

The Busy Brownies at Play (1916) (Aldine Supplementary Reader)

Real Stories from Baltimore County History (ed.) (1917)

Reading Objectives (1925)

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