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Bernard L. Jefferson

            (1887 - ? )

   Bernard L. Jefferson was born in 1887 in Danville, Ohio. We have been able to determine only a few details of his life. He graduated from Danville High School about 1905, and from Kenyon College about 1909 with an A.B. degree. He later received a PhD degree from Princeton University. It is possible that at some stage he was involved with secondary school teaching. We know that in 1936 he was a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana.

(written or co-authored by Jefferson)


Chaucer—the Consolation of Philosophy of Bothius (1917)

Creative Prose Writing (1926)

Freshman Rhetoric and Practice Book (1928)

Essays and Essay Writing (1929)

Literary Studies for Rhetoric Classes (1930)

Freshman Guide to Writing with Emphasis on Exposition (1935)

Progressive Study of English Composition (1941)

The College Writer (1941)

The Writings of Chaucer (date ?)

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