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Delano L. Ames


   One of the truly famous fiction writers of Knox County was Delano Ames. He was born at Lakeholm Farm at the southeast edge of Mount Vernon, Ohio, in 1906. He was the son of Benjamin and Isabel (Kirk) Ames and the grandson of Columbus Delano, who was Secretary of Interior in President Grant's cabinet. As a young man, Ames attended schools in the east, including Yale and Columbia Universities. Much biographical detail is lacking, but it appears that Ames left the United States about 1935 and spent most of the rest of his life in Europe. He was married twice. He considered England his home, though he also spent much time in a fishing village in Spain. He died in Madrid, Spain, in 1987.

   Delano Ames was a prolific writer. He wrote stories and articles for British magazines and had at least 25 books published. He is best known for his mystery fiction. Ames' novels were set in England and France and usually starred detectives, Jane and Dagobert Brown, while his Spanish mysteries featured the character, Juan Llora, Head of the Spanish Guard. His novels are considered sophisticated and well done, and they are now very collectible. He also published several nonfiction compositions and translations. Most of Delano Ames' books were first published in England, often appearing in American editions later the same year or shortly thereafter.

(in alphabetical order, with dates of publication as available)

The Body on Page One (1951)

Coffin for Christopher (1954) (Crime, Gentlemen, Please)

Contract Bridge Rhymes (1933) (non fiction)

Corpse Diplomatique (1950)

Crime, Gentlemen, Please (1954) (Coffin for Christopher)

Crime Out of Mind (1956)

Death of a Fellow Traveler (1950)

A Double Bed on Olympus (1936)

Egyptian Mythology (1965) (translation)

For Old Crimes Sake (1959) (Lucky Jane)

He Found Himself Murdered (1947)

History of the Piano (1947) (translation)

Landscape, with Corps (1955)

Larousse Encyclopedia (1959) (translation, with W. A. Aldington

Murder Begins at Home (1950)

Lucky Jane (1959) (For Old Crimes Sake)

The Man with Three Chins (1965)

The Man with 3 Jaguars (1961)

The Man in the Tricorn Hat (1960)

Murder, Maestro, Please (1950)

No Mourning for the Matador (1953)

Nobody Wore Black (?)

Not in Utter Nakedness (1932)

No Traveler Returns (1934)

She Shall Have Murder (1948)

She Wouldn't Say Who (1957)

Spain (?) (translation)

They Journey by Night (1932)

Uneasily to Bed (1934)

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