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John Taintor Foote


   John Taintor Foote spent his adult life writing stories about the things he loved, especially horses, dogs, hunting, and fishing. He was born in Leadville, Colorado, in 1881, the son of George and Margaret (Moore) Foote.
   In 1887 the family moved to Gambier, Ohio. Here John attended Kenyon Military Academy and in 1905, married Ada Curtis, daughter of Henry and Lucia Curtis. The couple lived in Knox County until about 1920, when they moved to New York and later to California. John died in Los Angeles in 1950.

   Foote was a popular writer in the early 1900's and still today many of his books are in print and all are collectible. He wrote an undetermined number of short stories, at least 20 of which were published as books containing single stories (novellas) or collections.
   He also wrote seven movie scripts and two Broadway plays. Some of the dramatic productions were adaptations of his own stories while others were based upon stories written by other people. One of these very successful dramatizations was The Mark of Zorro, which he adapted from the story The Curse of Capistrano by Johnston McCulley.

   Many of Foote's writings first appeared in periodicals such as The Saturday Evening Post and Field and Stream, later to appear in book form. Many of his short stories are found only in periodicals or editions of collected stories. John's son Timothy, also a writer, has been involved in some recent editions of his father's work.


(An "in progress" listing of John Taintor Foote's stories in book form or dramatic productions,
in alphabetical order with dates of publication or production)




 Anglers All (1947)

Blister Jones (1913)

Broadway Angler (1937)

Change of Idols (1935)

Daughter of Delilah (1936)

Dumb-bell of Brookfield (1917)

Fatal Gesture (1933)

Full Personality (1935)

Hell Cat (1936)

Hoof Beats (1950)

Jing (1936)

The Look of Eagles (1916)

The Lucky Seven (1918)

The Number One Boy (1926)

Pocono Shot (1924)

The Song of the Dragon (1923)

Sporting Days (1937)

Sporting Sketches

Trub's Diary (1928)

A Wedding Gift (1924)





Broadway Serenade (1939)

The Great Dan Patch (1949)

Kentucky (1938)

The Mark of Zorro (1940)

Notorious (1946)

The Story of Sea Biscuit (1949)

Suwannee River (1939)





Tight Britches (9-11-1934)

Toby's Bow (2-10-1919)






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