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Lorin Andrews Lathrop


   Lorin Andrews Lathrop was a popular writer and an important political figure during the early 20th century. He was born in 1858 in Gambier, Ohio where his father was principal of Kenyon's Milner Hall. Little biographical information has been located regarding his early life.
   Lorin married Kittie Dewitt in 1875 and began his career as a journalist in San Francisco. He became active in politics, and in 1902, President Grover Cleveland appointed him American Consul to England.

   From 1902 to 1914 he served in this diplomatic capacity, living in Bristol, England. At the beginning of World War I Lathrop was transferred to Wales. In 1919, he was appointed consul to the Bahamas, where he served until his retirement in 1924. Lathrop died in Paris in 1929.

   Throughout his diplomatic career Lathrop was an active writer. In addition to his journalistic and diplomatic writing, he wrote many short stories published in serial form in The Saturday Evening Post using the pen name, Kenyon Gambier. His other pseudonym was Andrew Loring, which he used in writing material for British periodicals.


(A chronological working list of his known writings, with information as available)

       Written under the name, Andrew Loring:

The Rhymers' Lexicon   (Published in 1905, written as Andrew Loring,
     with Annie Wakeman, and republished in 1920 under Lorin Andrews.)

The Forefront of the Battle   (A novel published in 1908)


       Written under the name, Kenyon Gambier:

The Huge Black One-Eyed Man  (A serial story published in 1917 in The Saturday Evening Post.
        Produced in 1919 as a spy movie under the title, Love in a Hurry.)

The White Horse and the Red-Haired-Girl   (A serial story published in 1918 in
        in The Saturday Evening Post.  Published in 1919 as a novel.)

The Girl on the Hilltop  (A novel published in 1920.)

The Girl with the Golden Hair  (A serial story published in 1921 in The Saturday Evening Post.)

The Princess of Paradise Island   (A serial story published in 1923 in The Saturday Evening Post.
       Published in 1925 as a novel.)

The Buccaneers of the Bahamas  (A serial story published in 1925 in The Saturday Evening Post.)

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