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Oscar Sherman Adams

(1874- ca 1940)

   Oscar Adams was an important scientist-mathematician during the early twentieth century. He was born on a farm in Monroe Township, Knox County, Ohio in 1874, the son of David and Louise (McElroy) Adams. Oscar was educated in the public schools of Knox County and in 1896 he graduated from Kenyon College. He served in the Spanish-American War in 1898-1899, and returned to Knox County to teach mathematics in the public schools and to serve as superintendent of schools in Centerburg. He also continued his education at Kenyon College, receiving an A.M. degree in 1915 and a ScD. in 1928. In 1900 Adams married Mary E. Fuller of Centerburg. They had three children.

   For the latter part of his life Dr. Adams worked for the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey where he served as senior mathematician. He became well known, especially in the field of geodesic mathematics. From 1915 to 1936 he wrote, or co-authored, at least 14 books and published many articles in periodicals, such as Scientific American. Adams was still living in 1937, and is believed to have died about 1940.



Application of Theory of Least Squares to the Adjustment of Triangulation. 1915

Lambert Projection Tables for the United States. 1918

General Theory of Lambert Projections. 1918

General Theory of Polyconic Projections. 1919

Grid System of Progressive Military Maps. 1919

A Study of Projections in General. 1919

Latitude Developments Connected with Geodesy and Cartography. 1921

Elements of Map Projections. 1921

Radio Compass Bearings. 1921

Some Elementary Examples of Least Squares. 1924

Elliptic Functions Applied to Conformal World Maps. 1925

Conformal Projection of the Sphere within a Square. 1925

The Bowie Method of Triangulation Adjustment. 1930

Triangulation on the Colorado. 1930

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