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Ralph Sockman



   Ralph Sockman, of Knox County, Ohio, was well-known throughout the United States during the early and middle twentieth century. In fact, his was almost a household name, at least among many radio listeners. During the 1920’s through the 1950’s, Sockman conducted the National Radio Pulpit, a Sunday morning radio program sponsored by NBC.

   Ralph Sockman was born in the Green Valley area of Knox County. He was the son of Rigdon and Harriet Sockman. He was educated in the Fredericktown Schools, Ohio Wesleyan University, Union Theological Seminary, and Columbia University. He became a minister in the Methodist Church and served in various roles in teaching and church ministry. In 1916 he married Zellah Widner Endley of Elyria, Ohio. Zellah was the daughter of a former pastor of Gay Street Methodist Church in Mount Vernon.

   In 1917 Dr. Sockman became minister of Christ Church in New York and remained there until 1961. In addition to the National Radio Pulpit program and his regular church activities, he was active in YMCA and lecture circuits throughout the world. He also was a prolific writer. Throughout his busy life he maintained close ties with his native Knox County.

   Ralph Sockman died at his home in New York in 1970. He is buried in Mound View Cemetery in Mount Vernon, Ohio.



 Suburbs of Christianity (1924)

Men of Mysteries (1927)

Morals of Tomorrow (1931)

Unemployed Carpenter (1933)

Paradoxes of Jesus (1936)

Recoveries in Religion (1938)

Live for Tomorrow (1939)

Higher Happiness (1940)

Now to Live (1941)

Highway of God (1942)

Date with Destiny (1944)

Fine Art of Using (1946)

Lord’s Prayer (1947)

Lift for Living (1950)

Whole Armor of God (1952)

How to Believe (1953)

Easter Story for Children (1957) 

Man’s First Love (1958)

Meaning of Suffering (1961)

Whom Christ Commended (1963)

 Personal Security Through Faith (?)









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