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Frank Spindler



   Frank Nicolas Spindler was best known for his writing in psychology. He was born in Logan, Ohio, in 1865. His family moved to Knox County in 1867. Frank attended public schools in Mount Vernon, but dropped out of high school to work as a clerk for The C. & G. Cooper Co., later known as Cooper-Bessemer. After several years working he went to Oberlin Academy to finish high school and continued his academic work in Oberlin College and Harvard University. With a master’s degree from Harvard in 1896 he began a teaching career in psychology and education. He married Florence Hatch from Wisconsin in 1908. The Spindlers had three children.

   The rest of Spindler’s life was spent teaching in colleges in the west and upper mid-west. He died from a fall in 1905. He is particularly known for his work in the psychology of the human senses. He published at least four books, as well as numerous articles in periodicals.



The Sense of Sight. 1917

Our Senses

Some Thoughts and Suggestions on Spelling

After Sensation of Touch

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