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March 4 - Historical Stock Certificates and Bonds of Knox County and Ohio

by William Knadler, of Norwalk, Ohio
Mr. Knadler will bring many examples from his collection of more than
5000 early Ohio stock certificates including several from Knox County, such as
The Kokosing Iron Works, and The Mount Vernon Bridge Co.

March 8 "The Little Electric Battery: Miss Lizzie Evans" by Dr. Lorle Porter

Born in Mount Vernon during the Civil War era, Lizzie Evans went on to become the toast of Broadway theater. Dr Lorle Porter will share with us many interesting stories from her upcoming book on Knox County's most famous actress.

March 7: The Great Blizzard of ’78 – Presented by James Gibson

January 26 marked the 40th anniversary year of the big blizzard of 1978.
Our evening program will feature a new PowerPoint presentation of highlights of that truly major weather event. Those attending will be encouraged to share their favorite memories about the story that dominated our lives in Knox County for several weeks in early 1978.

April 4: Knox County Spiders in World War II - Presented by Karen Allen

In the 1940's the Albright family of Knox County harvested silk from golden spiders for use in bomb sights for the U. S. military. Centerburg teacher, Karen Allen, will share her in-depth research that began with her visit to our Museum in 2017.

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