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   From flow-blue porcelain to Fiesta Ware, from matchboxes to cracker boxes, from coverlets to quilts, and from sideboards to bedsteads, our many kitchen and household items remind us of the time when extended families lived and dined together in the home.  

   Our collection of flour sifters, pressure-cookers, ice boxes and glass milk bottles, dolls and toys, and massive furniture were all part of the well-furnished Knox County home of the past.


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   For a period of about thirty years, beginning in the 1840’s and lasting just beyond the Civil War, the creation of beautiful coverlets became a thriving business for hundreds of weavers throughout Ohio.

   Ardner Coverlet - 1853

   Knox County had five or six such weavers, with the best known of them being the Ardner and the Yearous families, who usually signed and dated their work.


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   Our young Museum visitors really enjoy looking at the toys that were used by children from the past. While these toys seem quite simple by today’s standards, they were no less loved and enjoyed.
   Some children are drawn to the toy sewing machines, irons and mixers, dolls and doll buggies, while others prefer the toy cars and trucks, cardboard trains, marbles, blocks, tiddley-winks, tops, magic tricks, old checkers and card games.

   The children even sometimes wonder which of their toys of today might entertain the children of the future.

   Come back soon to see many of our fascinating toys and dolls from the past.


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