The Knox County Historical Society will be celebrating a major milestone over the next year or so as we mark our 75th year of "increasing, interpreting and preserving the history of Knox County."
It was on October 22, 1941, that a group of eight persons gathered at the home of M. Curtis Kinney to discuss the possibility of forming an historical society for Knox County. Others present were Charles V. Critchfield, Mrs. S. R. Gottshall, Henry C. Devin, Mrs. Raul Cole, Frederick N. Lorey, Clinton N. Williams and Ralph Headington. During the evening it was decided to form such a society, and Mr. Critchfield was elected temporary chairman, with Mr. Headington as secretary.

Just six weeks later, on December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor was attacked and World War II began, but nonetheless the group went on to hold a more official meeting on January 6, 1942, when Mr. Critchfield was elected President and Mr. Devin, vice president. Mrs. Charles White was elected but later declined serving as secretary-treasurer, and Mrs. Creed Joplin Lester was appointed to the position. A State of Ohio official charter was issued to The Knox County Historical Society on January 24, 1942. The first formal public open meeting of the Society was held on June 16, 1942, at the Memorial Building, with 47 members present.
Watch this space as we announce plans for our 75th anniversary celebrations and special programs to be held throughout 2017.