For many years, the Ohio Historic Markers Program has brought attention to a wide variety of noteworthy persons, places and events from Ohio's past.

   Knox County's first marker was approved and erected in 1976 to recognize the beautiful Christ Church at the Quarry, near Gambier.

   The stories below describe, illustrate and locate each of the ten markers you can visit in our county.

   The purpose of the statewide Markers program is " to identify, commemorate and honor the important people,  places and events that have contributed to the state's rich history. The Ohio Historical Markers Program, administered by the Ohio Historical Society, is a vital educational tool, informing residents and visitors about significant aspects of Ohio's past." 

   To browse through the more than 1500 historic markers located throughout all 88 counties in Ohio, visit the website, REMARKABLE OHIO.

   And thanks to our KCHS Trustee, Ken McCandless for his photography of our county's historic markers, as well as many of the other photographs on our website.