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   For many years, the Ohio Historic Markers Program has brought attention to a wide variety of noteworthy persons, places and events from Ohio's past.

   Knox County's first marker was approved and erected in 1976 to recognize the beautiful Christ Church at the Quarry, near Gambier.

   The stories below describe, illustrate and locate each of the ten markers you can visit in our county.



Christ Church at the Quarry










   Knox County's first official Historic Marker was approved and erected in 1976 to commemorate the restoration of the Christ Church at the Quarry, near Gambier, Ohio. The project had been conducted by the "Quarry Chapel Group," a committee of the then recently reenergized Knox County Historical Society of the 1970's. It is thus designated as #1-42, as Knox County stands 42nd alphabetically among Ohio's 88 counties.

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Mother Bickerdyke












   Mary Ann Ball was born between Mount Vernon and Fredericktown in 1817. Her tireless efforts as a nurse during the Civil War brought her the undying love and admiration of the boys she cared for.

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Little Indian Fields











   Our second Historic Marker, #2-42, commemorates the site of a native American gathering place and the first pioneer settlement in Knox County, known as "Little Indian Fields." 

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Johnny Appleseed's Early Landholdings












   John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed, spent a good deal of time in and around Knox County from the early days of Ohio's statehood until about 1828, when he moved on further west.

   We still mark the spot where he once owned two prime lots next to the Kokosing River in downtown Mount Vernon.


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